binding spells

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If you need advice as to which love spell is best for you or if you have already placed an order please contact us at

What do we need to cast a binding spell?

We need the full
name and date of birth of all parties included in the binding
spell. This information can be emailed to us at
either before or after an order is placed on our website.


"My ex boyfriend was seeing other girls and it was driving me crazy!  I saw it all over his facebook and myspace page.  The bind from others spell made all of it come to a sudden halt.  All of the women that he was 'playing' started to hate him and he realized how important I was to him.  We are still working it out because I don't know if I want to trust him again but women do not give him the time of day anymore and I love it!  Your spells are my secret weapon!" Julia


"I wanted nothing more than for my boyfriend to move our of our apartment.  He would never allow me to break up with him or do anything on my own.  I felt like a prisoner in my own home.  I ordered the keep someone away binding spell and then one day he just up and left.  I threw a party and am now free of his negativity.  This is just what the doctor ordered!" Tina


"My life was in shambles until I had the customized binding spell done. I did not think that it was possible to include everything that I wanted into one binding spell but your coven did an amazing job making sure that I got everything that I asked for with the customized binding spell. We are officially back together and are staying that way this time! Thank you for your hard work!" Matt


"I have never had such an annoying neighbor in my life.  They would call me names and throw things on my yard.  I always prayed for them to move away.  I was nervous because I have never had a binding spell cast before but I am glad that I did because they moved very quickly and unexpectedly.  I never have to worry about them harassing me again!  Your keep someone away binding spell worked!" Cindy


"I was being harassed by my ex all the time.  I got the police involved but they could not do anything.  Your keep someone away binding spell did the trick!  He has finally left me along and does not try to contact me any more.  He also stopped trying to break up my boyfriend and I.  I'm so happy now and can move on with my life because of you and your coven!" Elvia


"I have tried many binding spells to bind my boyfriend to me forever.  He started talking to other girls and lying to me about where he was going.  The ultimate binding spell made all of that stop and we are closer now than we have ever been.  He is even talking about marriage!  I will let you know how things go but so far I am a very happy camper!" Yolanda


Do you need a

Strong binding spell that works?

 Binding spells can be used for many different reasons.  Binding spells can be used to keep someone away or keep a group of people away of you or someone you love. Binding spells can also be used to bind someone to you for life.  Binding love spells are powerful enough to make sure that a specific person never leaves your life. No matter what your situation or budget is always has the solution!


Return and Bind Love Spell - Want to return a lover and bind them to you all at once? This spell will increase your ex's desire to be back in a relationship along with binding them to you permanently. They will not want to be without you and will feel complete when they are in a loving relationship with you and only you.



Love Binding Spell - Do you want to make sure that a specific person never leaves your life?  Our Binding Love Spell will keep someone from leaving you and they will have more of an emotional and physical attraction towards you.  They will feel as though you are meant to be and can not live without you.



Stay Together Binding Spell - Want to make sure that your relationship stays in tact? This binding spell will help a couple stay together and get through the hard times.



Keep Someone Away Binding Spell - Is someone bothering you and you just want them to focus their attention on something other than you?  This spell will peacefully make their life go in another direction so they stop bothering you.  Very effective with ex's and friends that wont leave you alone.



Bind From Others Spell - Do you want to make sure that no one new comes into someone life?  This spell will keep people away from a specific person.  Its good for not wanting your ex to move on.  It will keep someone from meeting new people. 



Customized Binding Spell - Is your situation unique and you want a spell 100% customized to fit your needs?  This customized binding spell will be created just for you.



Ultimate Binding Spell - Do you need the something stronger than the Customized Binding Spell?  This spell is twice the strength and can be customized to bind two people together or to keep someone away.  An entire week of casting goes into this spell making it very powerful and permanent.



Extreme Binding Spell - Do you need the strongest binding spell that we offer? Whether you want bind someone close to you or keep them away, this spell can be customized to fit your needs and will produce the outcome that you desire. Our coven puts one week of casting into this spell which is what produces strong and permanent results. It is a permanent spell. Use with caution.



Binding Spell Testimonials


"Before I found your coven I ordered three different love binding spells from other witches. I felt that they scammed me because nothing happened. After taking some time to regroup, I stumbled upon your website and decided to give witchcraft one more shot. I'm so glad that I trusted my gut instinct when I first found your website. I can tell that you are much better than other witches I hired previously. Your return and bind love spell got me better results than I ever had with the previous three witches. I just wanted to thank everyone at for bringing James back into my life again. You were the only ones that cast a spell that actually worked and now I'm back with the love of my life after being broken up for 5 years. I can't thank you enough for everything that you have done for me. The emotional support was also amazing and far beyond what I experienced in the past. You all really stand out and have a special gift. You did the impossible and now I'm living my dream." Ashley


"My ex was stalking me for the longest time and I did not know what to do.  He got me fired from my job and ruined every relationship that I got into.  I was thinking about moving away and changing my name just to get a fresh start and be away from him.  Your keep away binding spell got him to move on and stop with the harassment.  I have never experienced anything like this and will forever be a loyal customer because of your dedicated help!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!" Francesca


"I knew from the time that my boyfriend and I kissed that he was the one for me.  He started to drift and I fell into a deep depression.  Everything was off balance and once the binding spell manifested our relationship changed for the better.  He proposed to me and we are now planning a wedding!" Diane


"Your customized binding spell worked! I needed my boyfriend to pay more attention to me and not look at other women. He makes more effort and we just got engaged! It has always been my dream to get married and start a family and I know that we got past our issues because of you Marcy. Thank you so much for helping me and I want you at my wedding!" Margaret


"Things were rocky with my wife and I for a long time.  I wanted to work on the relationship to make it stronger but she did not.  Going shopping and out with her friends was more important to her than me and our baby.  I could not sleep for weeks until I had the ultimate binding spell cast.  She has stopped acting immature and has her priorities straight now.  Our relationship is growing stronger and I think we are finally going to make it!" Frank

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